The American Festival of Christmas

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Vintage Holiday Lights at the Castle Marne

The Castle Marne is proud to once again serve as the backdrop for a spectacular collection of vintage holiday lights, decorations, and artwork. Tom Carlisle's private collection, featuring brilliant Christmas trees, whimsical antique bubble lights, and much more, will be on display at the Castle from mid-November through mid-January. You can see the display during our Victorian Holiday House Tour or a holiday tea. For more information about Tom Carlisle's antique decorations and other Christmas collections, please visit his website at

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During the Victorian Holiday House Tour Tom talked about his Christmas collections and the history of Christmas.

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  • 1946 B Lites

Castle Marne all dressed up for the Holidays

Tom's antique and vintage Christmas lights grace the inside of the Castle Marne as well as the outside.  Tom, thank you for sharing your amazing collection with us and our guests.

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  • Castle Marne Outdoor Antique Christmas Lights and Wreaths
  • Castle Marne Snowy Rose Arbor with Lights
  • Castle Marne Indoor CloseUp of Bubble Lights

Close-up of Tom's iconic antique Bubble LIghts.  To purchase a set of his exacting reproduction Bubble LIghts give us a call at 303-331-0621.  We'll get you hooked up with Tom for more information.