Castle Marne Supports "Spirit of Love" Movie

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New Independant Movie Being Filmed in Denver

Castle Marne is supporting Darla Rae of Film It Productions as she prepares for her new film "Spirit of Love - The Mike 'Stinger' Glenn Story" . She will be doing something like no other major movie has ever done on such a large scale - working with the communities that the movie is about.

"This is an opportunity for people to be involved with something bigger than themselves, able to change peoples lives by being a part of making an important movie." says Darla Rae.  It is being funded by IndieGoGo, which is a site for non-profit donations for independant projects.  Darla's history of creating movies, shorts and documentaries that have gotten national and international exposure will be key in making this a unique chance for people to be involved on a large scale.

Many times people have wanted to be involved with movies here at the Castle Marne, and this gives all of our friends, and people across the country and abroad, the chance to be involved with a project that will have benefits that reach far beyond being a movie. Anyone can donate as little as $5 and be listed as having helped produce this movie. Donate at .

Sports enthusiasts, those who support childrens and youth basketball and sports , and who belive in helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing and disabled sports communities will all find reasons to participate.  Businesses also can have an ability to sponsor, support or advertise with this move and gain exposure during its production and the large expected audience.

Visit the movie site at and learn more about the project.

Castle Marne is excited to be able to support this movie as it will have a major part produced in the Denver and Colorado areas. It has been a part of our mission to have many get to know what we do by who we work with and support. You can do your part.