Lighthouse Writers Workshop Tells Stories of B&B

Digital Storytelling Students Share Castle's Guest Stories

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Many students come from around the world to learn how to tell their story.  They do it in a classroom that is found in a Victorian Mansion just down the street from Castle Maren B&B, in the Capitol Hill area of Denver's historic Wyman district.  The Lighthouse Writers Workshop has recently moved down the street from the Castle Marne B&B, and brought much focus to the historically significant street. As Denver's top rated and reviewed bed and breakfast hotel, the students of the Lighthouse Writers Workshop have a comfortable and relaxing place to come home to after long, hard and full (or shall we say fulfilling ) days of study and creation.

These aspiring and seasoned writers come to partake of what is known as "Digital Storytelling", which is a curriculum established by the Center for Digital Story Telling which promotes the sharing of ideas as stories, richly presented in a digital format, utilizing electronic tools of text, pictures, music and video to help people to tell a unique story and share it worldwide.

"This bed and breakfast in Denver is the best place to stay, because I feel like I can go home, relax and work or just spend time with new friends" says one guest.  She found new friends while traveling here from Canada to take the renowned 3 day class.

 The Castle Marne B&B has been "home" to many natinoally recognized authors who have come to teach at the Lighthouse and gives the opportunity to have students and teachers spend even more time outside of class to have more personal time, getting to know the person, not just as a student/teacher , but as an individual.