Castle Marne Holiday Tea Tops This Winter

This year hundereds of people join us for the Holiday Tea unparalleled in Denver.

These beautiful days of decorations adorning the Castle Marne and having many join us for Aftgernoon High Tea, Luncheons and Dinners in the formal Peacock Dining room.

We will continue to leave our decorations up until the 15th of January and still have luncheons and teas for parties of 4 or more with 48 hours notice.  Dinner in the dining room is open any night of the week from 1 person up to 10 at the dining room table. Again, 48 hours notice.

Something not everyonegets to do, but more importantly it is something everyone should experience at least once in your life.  That's what our guest keep saying.

Come and enjoy a special time for yourself. Call us now at 303-331-0621 .